Delima of the modern world and it’s reaction to our personality growth.

As the world is making progress day by and the human race is passing from the arenas of advancement. Living in this scientific world human has admitted his potentialities and recognition in every field of life. Humans should accept the reality of work we do not deny the importance of work in this fast present time. Where everything starts from the economic ground.

Lack of genuine personality in achieving material things.

The modern man is so busy with money-making. He is in the process of continuous struggle but the tragedy of modern man is that he is becoming materialistic too and he is losing his genuine capabilities and ethical-moral groundings. He is going to make corruption and damaging his spirituality. We have to face a lot of burdens on our shoulders just because we make things difficult for us.

Today we are facing a lot of problems and challenges because of human selfishness. Instead of love and simplicity, we choose selfishness and enhance the burden on our selves. There is a need for great courage to survive in this dead and hollow world.

The materialistic world is getting harder for sensitive souls.

In this horrible situation, some human who is having sensitive behavior and sentiments in their heart has been dealt with barrier about what should he do in this era.

Sensitive people have so many emotions in themselves. This modern age is harder for emotional ones because this is the age of race and ignoring others. Its all about to grow ourselves. They have some questions in their minds.

Either they are right or wrong …?? They have to own their own personality or change themselves with society’s needs for being modernist.

We can’t deny the care of others.

There is a terrible need for knowing the actual and finding the true basement of every relation. We are social animals we can not separate ourselves from this world. We have to accept humans always depend on others we should not busy us too much in our selves. We have to care about the relations in our surrounding

In my opinion, now it is our responsibility for making ourselves genuine and share human vibes with each other. Every man reacts according to his own nature. Never try to copy others and become material puppet. What we do in life comes back to us.

Finding true connections is harder in the present world.

Therefore there is a rule giving and gaining of the world. If we wish to make a pure genuine relation we should have to face a lot of distress and tolerate the behavior of the other because everyone is stuck in the struggle of material desires. They ignore true love and genuine connections.

We should have the courage to suffer the difficulties of life. Life is full of ups and downs So, pain is a necessary element to achieve a lot of experiences. It’s time to face the bitterness of the world.

Try to minimize our expectations.

It’s our own expectations from others that hurt us. We too many expectations from others that they give us time and care but we have to accept everyone is busy in life survival. The too many emotions that we associate with others become the continuous pain of heart and mind because when they can’t give us time and love we are going to be depressed and feel ourselves alone. Try not to expect too much from others. Believe me, if they live us they will take some time for their busy schedule.

Never forget our loved ones.

Keep in mind struggle is very good in life but in this life prosperity struggle never forget about those who stand with us.

And give us their true love and encouragement. May be without their sacrifices we can’t reach the desired positions.

It needs to Love ourselves and polish our personality.

It’s the time of work for ourself just ignore the change in attitudes. Try to remove the weaknesses in ourselves and positively work on our personality and grow with the world. Improve our education and other weak stuff in ourselves is compulsory for facing harder times in life.

But we should not forget our parent’s efforts in giving us an ethical upbringing. They always teach us to stay firm on positivity and good behavior with others and this is the true formula of gaining something in life.


How to disagree with the people who are superior to you in position, age, and education?? and it’s solution.

In our daily life, we are worried about how to disagree with the people who are superior in position, age, and education.

The word disagrees here we mean opposition of someone at a certain point. To make it clear I can give you some examples here. First, I present some situations in front of you then we further discussed the solution. The three situations we discussed.

The first situation of an employee who is working in an office in a reputable company and under a well-imaged boss. He is doing a good salary job in the office. The daily work is going good but suddenly something is not suitable for him. You can say it’s not in his favor or it’s damaged his position in that workplace. But he thinks if he opposes with the point of view with the boss he gets fired him with this job.

The second situation of a girl who wants to marry the boy whom she loved but she is scared of the parent’s reaction because parents selected another boy for her. It’s very hard to oppose the parents who were senior in age and experience. May be her parents never talk to her again in life.

The third situation where we are in class and studying something and you are not learned something. Or we can say you are not understanding the method of elaboration of the teacher. But this thing damage your results. But you think if I said this to the teacher maybe

she hurt and started disliking me.

In my point of view, it’s quite natural when you are worried to react and handle the things. We look at the three situations where someone can disagree but with the fear of someone’s superior position, parents age and teacher respect we locked πŸ”’ our mouth. This is a good thing to respect your boss, your parents, and teachers. But sometimes like in the above situations where your career, your marital life, and your educational career may be facing some hardships.

Now the question comes in your mind about what to do and how to handle this sensitive situation and matter.

Your voice should be very low.

Whenever we stuck in this situation where we feel to oppose our boss, our elders, and respected teacher. The tone of voice should be very lightweight. Like boss you are right and you always do the right. But sir in this specific situation this decision is not profitable. It may harm our company’s reputation and my job. But make sure the pitch of voice is low.

Your body language show some dignity.

Your body language is free from attitude in your behavior. Means mam you are a very good teacher and elaborate the things correctly. But mam I am not able to understand this technique. If you mold a little bit maybe I understand in a better way. I am very thankful to you. If you did this favor to me.

Share your true feelings without artificiality.

It means whatever you feel speaks to others but in a humbled and modest way. Like in the above situation where the girl does not agree with her marriage. And want to marry his lover…So, she should express her true feelings to her parents. Mom, dad your experience is better than me. Maybe your choice is good. But parents this not click my heart. My heart loves someone else. I want to marry him. But remember in polite and hundred styles of expressing the things. They understand you because they are your parents who brought up you.

We can solve the big issues with polite behavior and modesty.

These situations may vary from person to person but it’s our life. And it’s our duty to handle the ups and downs in life. No one comes to you to solve these matters. Instead of people create more difficulty in your life. Make it simplest as you can. So, try to solve the issues with a humbled way. If you cant solve the situation the have some patience.’s solved by the time with the will of God because God not want to put a person in a long term difficulty.

7 days of beauty adventure in Pakistan by brother Bilal Ashraf #travel.

It’s about the 7 days heaven on earth. These are the places we visited Chilas, Hunza, Hussaini bridge, attabad lake, Sost, Passu cones, and khanjrab. We start one by one description of these heart-melting places.

Hunza is a lovely mountain valley on Gilgit Baltistan.

Its a very adorable valley covered with greenery all around and we can see mountain lady finger peak on one side and raka posh on the other side. It’s wonderful, place it looks like we stand in a fantasy world. We visited a historical fort whose name is a Baltic fort. We saw a cannon here which is used for fighting in the old days.

Another beautiful structured fort is altic fort lot of visitors came and take photos and enjoy the location.

Hunza is a place where it is not a single patient of cancer because of the fresh air and there is no polythene bag allowed there. The air is so soothing and favorable for health.

Hussaini bridge created with wood on the river and connected with mountains.

Its a so much adventurous bridge. There were rare brave hearts decide to go to the bridge because the airflow is on an extreme level that is horrible and at the same time it’s attractive. You can feel the airflow in the picture clearly.

Chilas in Gilgit Pakistan on the river of Indus.

When we visited chilas there is slow raining and cold. The air is soothing for freeing our brain and heart. One of the pictures of chilas village where people are communicating in a very humble way and they are so much connected with each other and down to earth.

Attabad lake is a beautiful lake.

Where we enjoyed the beauty of the mountains and water. We enjoyed boating there.

This boating is memorable and refreshing the soul.

China center in a post where you can buy a lot of dry fruits at low rates. And a lot of beautiful jackets, shawls and other cultural things.

Passu cones are a different type of mountain.

Which is a very eye-catching and fantastic view. As you can see how amazing the view behind me.

Khunjrab is also a heart-melting place.

Where you can see our national animal Markhor. This animal is full of energy. And this climb on a mountain with a proper grip without fear.

In the end, I can say these are the beautiful creations of God. It looks like heaven on earth. You should visit these places and enjoy the location and management and humbleness of the people.

This is is the adventure of brother Bilal Who showed as the beauty in Pakistan with the beautiful sights and his real experience.

How to deal with the struggle of do and not to do?

  • It’s a heartbreaking situation when you stuck in a situation and you are not in a position to channelize the correct path. Your mind stops working properly you are not sure how to clear the things and how to make a decision which is beneficial for yourself. We all in life sometimes feel helpless in taking decisions like what should do and what should don’t do.
  • Think about a person whose wife is pregnant and in a critical situation in operation theater and the doctor asks him what is your decision, what is important for you? your child or your wife? because we can save one life. You have the choice of saving one.
  • In that situation, a person feels so helpless.

This is life and it’s full of ups and downs we face many situations in life where we have no choice and nothing in our hands. We feel powerless in our decisions.

  • Another example of a father who has no job and suffering from bad health and not able to give even food to children. He feels helpless when children look at him with the eyes of believing that a father can prevent us from hunger. But father thinks what he does in this incapable moment. He thinks about suicide several times because he has no answer to his children’s questions. At the same time, children also give him the power to no give up. These situations are mind-boggling where we suffer from worrying about things. We can’t sleep and can’t spend days without anxiety. We think day and night how we can overcome circumstances. How we can tackle this tough period.
  • This is not easy for a person who is suffering from a difficult time.
  • It’s easy for others to criticize because they don’t know about the ground realities. They do not face these things that is why they can’t understand the pain the feeling from you is suffering.
  • They easily give us imaginary solutions for our problems without the proper knowledge of the depth of pain. And the important thing is they view the situation with a distinct angle and the person who suffers who views the situation from a different perspective because the viewer and experiencers’ feelings are not the same at one moment.

Now the question is how can you decide the things?
Where others do not understand your feelings about this specific time from which you are suffering.

It’s simple when they give you suggestions smile, make a huge laugh and feel how much they Ignorant. When they called you an idiot for that you have not strengthed to decide what to do or what not to do. Stay silent and in heart think you are not idiot others are idiot who has no idea about the actual realities they just think about the surface. They have no courage to visit the bitter and harsh realities of life.

Everyone in life once faces these realities where you find yourself helpless. And this time you also discover about sincere relations. The honest relations stand with you and the dishonest leaves you in time of difficulties.
Listen not to feel yourself alone, believe in your inner strength and believe in God. I told you about the law of life bad moments are not permanent in a person’s life. The good time always comes after the bad one. Stay strong and feel confident and listen to your heart what the heart says.

Don’t care about others what they think, ignore there laugh on you, not feel discouraged. Always make your weaknesses your strengths. When you clear about your believes then it’s very easy what to do and what not to do in life and in a critical situation.

It’s your life you have the right to make decisions and you know what is good for you and what is not good for you. Stop caring about other judgments because they do not help you to grow. They just tease you and make hurdles in taking decisions.

Story of one son of a parent whose journey starts with the dream of MBBS and end with a combination of pharmacist and lawyer.

Today I am going to share a story of a boy whose name is Malik Ramiz Ali. He is the only son of parents. Luckily he grabs a lot of attention from parents because he is the only son. They fulfill his all needs and give him kindness. In school days he is so much intelligent and always first in class. He has one love of kites gliding. Whenever he starts kites gliding he thinks one day he glides like a kite. In profession he wants to become an MBBS doctor but when he started his studies one of his uncles is a pharmacist in England. He inspired from uncle and decided to become a pharmacist. After completing pharmacy he didn’t want to work under any boss. He asks his father that I want to open my own pharmacy where I am the boss. His father loved him very much and by profession, he is a banker. So, he allowed his son to start a pharmacy. In the beginning, he struggles in this field for maintaining pharmacy and train the labor who work in his assistance. And he set his business in Six months now he sells his products of medicine online or home delivery. One day he feels some lake of authority of dealing with legal issues like signing agreements with sellers who work with him. He has to hire a lawyer who can deal with these matters. He thinks why I hire a lawyer he should start this study and deal with his work by own. Like always from childhood he always flies like a kite on sky. It means he wants to work independently. So, he started the study and achieve a degree as a lawyer. Now he maintains his own business of pharmacies and deal the legal matters with self-help. His parents are proud of him that our one son makes us happy and take our responsibility properly like they take his responsibility in childhood. In the end, I should say self-help is a powerful tool that motivates a person to become a dependent person.

When a normal girl married to a transgender boy.

It’s a reality-based story of a beautiful girl name Adela. When she completed her graduation a marriage proposal came to her house.A boy named Bilal who done masters in arts. Bilal has his own well-established business. For Adela’s parents, it’s a good proposal and Bilal’s parents also look very nice and civilized. So, they agree and finalized the wedding date. Both families busy at wedding shop shopping. Finally, on the selected date, Bilal and Adeela got married. On the first night, Adela realized that Bilal is a transgender. She starts crying and spends the night with a broken heart. In the morning, she decided to talk with in-laws but in-laws not give a positive response to her and instead of this they give her a sleep injection. Next day when her parents came to meet her on the 2nd day of marriage. She told her mother and father that she does not want to continue her marriage because this relation is not suitable for her. Both parents shocked and take daughter to their home. She decided that she never went to husband house in life. Because of her decision, her parents agree and demand a divorce on the girl’s behalf. After six months she got a divorce latter by a courier. This chapter closed but the girl is suffering from agony. One day another proposal for a married man came to their house. He has one son whose age is eighteen and he needs a wife who cares for his house and fulfills the responsibilities. Parents give her suggestion to marry her with the aged person because they think it’s a relationship where she can get respect and her own house. After some time of marriage, the aged man gets ill and the young boy treated her like a slave. She tries her best to fulfill this relation but she tired with the disrespect. One day her husband died because of illness and she came to her parent’s house. After some time she starts teaching at some local school and she decided that she not marry again. After two years her mother died and after the death of her mother, another proposal came to her house. This time the man’s wife died and he wants a life partner. So, she agrees because she suffers from a lot of problems earlier. She thinks this time maybe she gets prosperity in life. The third time, she actually finds happiness and after one year of marriage, she has a baby boy whose name is Rehan. Her husband is very supportive of this time who helped her to get rid of this pain. Now she lives happily and confidently with her son and husband. In the end, I have a message for my readers every bad time is not remaining forever. It passes and the good time comes. Never lose your hope the good time comes one day.

Is it important to say ‘yes’ to life?

Yes, it’s important to say yes to life. Life is full of events, stories, and people. These events and stories may be a memory of happiness or maybe a memory of some tragedy. And the people in life are our parents, friends, relatives, teachers and some other loved ones. Life is a continuous thing, it never stops. Time is passing fastly we can’t go in the past immediately and also in the future. Because it is not in our hands. It is in the hand of our God who created the whole world 🌎. He monitoring the world and people according to his will. Our life revolves around a procedure like first we are babies than children, then teenager, then grown-up, then mature person, then old πŸ‘΅and at the end moved to death. In this life circle, some died at a young age and some died in old age when god will. It means life and death not fixed when God wants he takes his people to heaven or hell according to people’s actions. And the events in life also not in our hand it’s only in the hand of our creator. Some good events and stories are changing our lives and give us enjoyment and some terrible events give us discomfort. But these all things already planned by the creator. It’s our duty to pass the time and life circle in a good way and pray to God that our life spends with prosperity. Because only prayers can change our fate.Welcome all the things in life and never depressed by losing the loved ones and the things which are important for ourselves. Because our creator sends us on earth and he takes our life whenever he wants. He gives us things like money, house, and car and other life necessary things. Then why we cry for things and people?. I know it’s difficult to take patience on losing loved ones and important things. But understand one thing in life always welcome the situation and try to spend it in a good manner. Because you have one life and the important thing to accept the realities and spend the rest of your life in helping others and for any good cause. And the most important thing always say yes to life celebrate each day remain happy and maintain others’ happiness.

How connection with self helps to find out our talents, profession and gives us inner satisfaction?.

We struggle on a daily bases what we want to become in life? What are our skills and talents? What profession do we choose in the future? And what are the works we do in which we feel satisfaction? These questions always knock our mind but we are not sure how to find an answer. I give you an example we are not sure about us what profession we choose for ourselves. We ask teachers, parents, and friends like suggesting to me what is good for me sir?Mom/dad what profession is beneficial for me?. It means we are not sure about our interests and passion. The result is this ignorance we are irritated by the things and works we do because our inner satisfaction is not included in it. We lost this somewhere and not aware of it. This is all because we have no connection with ourselves. We try to find the answers from the outer world. We are not bothered to look at our inner world. We do not ask from our heart and mind what are the things gives me satisfaction. What are the skills in my self. Like someone good in writing, someone good in painting, someone has a good voice, someone has good humor, someone has a sharp mind. From all the things in which I am good and find satisfaction?. Now how to find your talents with your own efforts without depending on others. The way is different things in your free time like 🎨 paint and draw something, write anything you want and sing whatever you want and do other things that give you some attraction. Believe me, it’s not a wastage of time by trying different things you find someone thing that actually gives you attraction and by doing this thing makes a person feel inner satisfied. By doing this activity you can get knowledge of different professions a little bit and find one profession for yourself which actually suits your mind and heart. And when you are aware of this one thing that gives you happiness put your full energy and efforts for this deed. Because at work a person always should feel ease, happiness and love with work otherwise it’s become fatigued and cause discomfort for health.

Story of a successful software engineer who is called an idiot in class.

  • I interviewed many engineers during a survey but I find an interesting story about a boy whose name is Akmal. He is a software engineer in a multinational company in the UAE. This is a sort of quick introduction. He shared his story which is very encouraging for ordinary children. Let’s start his story of struggle for achieving his goal. I want to share his story with those people who have the urge to do something in life. But they have not hope in themselves and lose strive because of some people who not support these brilliant kids and instead of this called them lazy, an idiot and brainless. He belongs to a family that is not so rich and highly educated. In school days, he is not a position holder in class but he is a student who passes in-class exams with good numbers. He is shy in nature and not cheerful with talking people and making many friends so because of his shy nature his classmates and instructors consider that he is a dull student who never confident to communicate his own massage to others. One day when he and his classmates promote to eight grade. An instructor comes from outside of school in his computer class and gives them some information about the computer system and the computer profession. He told them that in the computer field you can become software engineers and ask students who want to become a software engineer. He told me that he is listing all lecture very attentively because he like computer studies and interested to learn about computer knowledge. After the question by the instructor suddenly I replied that I become a software engineer one day with my this reply every student and teacher starts laughing and after that, they call me a software engineer for making fun of me. This attitude of his classmates is teasing for him but that day he decided that he will become a software engineer one day and show them that he is not an idiot who never makes anything big in life. That incident in class motivate him and he starts working hard and cleared his 10th grade from that school. And then moved to college but he has a mindset that he has to become a software engineer one day. With this dream, he makes his ways with his struggle by his own efforts because he is the elder brother in the family, not a single engineer in the family before so he has not proper instructions from family members. Now with a lot of strives, he is a software engineer and many companies offer him a good job as a software engineer and ERP( Business Development Consultant). Different people came to him and wait for his valuable suggestions regarding software development projects. He said that today he is very happy and proud of himself and his parents, teachers, and friends also proud of him because he fulfills his dream without care of negative comments on personality and on his intelligence. In last, I am impressed with this boy’s passion who did whatever he needs for dream fulfillment I should say never give up make a passion in life and put all your efforts into completing your passion like this boy Akmal. One day we all can achieve if we believe in ourselves. Leave the opinion of people who discourage your passion and any hurdles come in life ignore them and always stand on your dream. Work hard and show the people you are not dull and idiot you are a star who comes on earth for shining.

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